About Us


JoJoDogGear is named after one of our dogs.  We adopted JoJo from a local shelter in 2010. He joined our family along with his adopted brother Kasey.  JoJo's name was originally Cup of Joe which we shortened to Joe and eventually became JoJo. He didn't warm up to us right away. When he first came to us, he would lay in the bed we got for him and stare at us from across the room. He only came to us when he needed to go out or wanted food. Oh, he would go out and play with his adopted brother.  They were already fast friends from their time in the shelter. It was the two humans in the house that caused him concern.  Luckily that phase didn't last long. I think he realized we weren't all bad once we got him his first toy.

It was a orange rubber ball about the size of a standard tennis ball.  We would go out back and play fetch until he was ready to fall over.   It is still his favorite and only toy.  We've tried others...he ignores them.  He wants/needs to play ball every day; several times a day if possible.  If he cannot find his ball when he is ready to play, he gets very upset. So, we've learned to have several on hand. When JoJo isn't playing he can be found on the couch cuddling next to one of us.

Our Mission

Our mission is a simple one.  Out of our love for animals and wanting to give them the best, we strive to find great products to help improve their health and quality of life. It is our belief that if our pets are healthy and happy, we will be happy.

We also know from experience what works for one dog doesn't necessarily work for all.   So we will continue to find new quality products to add to our store.  We want you to be able to find the products that will allow your pets to live long and happy lives and enhance you life together.